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Rompal's experience over more than thirty years guarantees the best knowledge in the production of electronic equipments.

The interest in quality of the products manufactured lead to the implementation of a system for the assurance of quality in accordance to ISO 9001:2000 and to the certificate in June 2003 of the company TÜV.

The company is fully convinced of the constant improvement of all the aspects within the organization as a fundamental ground for the assurance of the requested quality by a sector more and more demanding.

Within this scope of quality application, the reliability in the production has been guaranteed by the follow-up of different standards of production and acceptance in each of the process, such as IPC and JEDEC.

Rompal counts on efficient specific informatic tools which enable the traceability of process, materials, production, etc. These tools are used from the reception of an offer request until the delivery of the finished product, so that they provide the documents and information necessary for the creation of the improvement of the return pathway.

Special procedures are followed to ensure the duration of the equipments, working with raw materials and consumables only of first line brands. The whole manufacturing process takes place within an environment established by an Static Electricity Control Plan.

The final aim of Rompal is to obtain best quality of products for our clients.

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