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Rompal is a subcontracting company of electronic equipments which offers state of the art solutions to its clients. Rompal's philosophy has always been to provide a service in which quality and innovation go first. This philosophy enables them to offer a great variety of technologies related to the production process as well as to all procedures and tools related to the provision of services of equipments under their quality standards.

Another of Rompal's sound objectives from their origin, was that the provisions of service would not represent a technological barrier for the clients in order to be able to manufacture what they have designed. In order to achieve this goal, all future needs have been evaluated as well as the trend of the most innovative markets.

The trend of subcontracting of the comprehensive manufacture has found in Rompal its best option. Professionals who compose it provide one global solution, from the support for the development to the delivery of the final equipments.

The production volume of an equipment may vary from the manufacture of templates in various tens, up to great series of thousands of units. These equipments are focused on a great variety of sectors: telecommunications, leisure, instrumentation, equipment goods, automotive, etc. which are distributed to all our clients of an international scale, demonstrating Rompal's quality and reliability of the process of manufacturing and quality control.
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