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Package on Package

Rompal incorporates the necessary means to perform the Package on Package assembly:

  Rompal has incorporated into the standard mounting process the possibility of realizing assemblies of Package on Package (POP) type. Thanks to it, once again, Rompal leads the sector of the electronic subcontracting to being the first one to do it, and nowadays the only one in the Spanish market, in having the capacity and experience for the assembly of POP technology.
  Currently the minimum pitch between balls is 0.4 mm and diameter of the same ones is 220um.
  The emerging PoP technology allows the realization of 3D circuits.
  PoP technology eliminates printed circuit area destined for memory and simplifies PCB due to data and addresses lines can be eliminated.
  This technology is especially useful for designs that require high performance at a reduced size.

Vista inferior BGA de paso 0,4 mm. Conjunto de microprocesador y memoria con tecnología PoP. Corte metalográfico mediante microscopio electrónico.

Flip chip

The incorporation of flip chip technology inside the services offered by Rompal Ingenieros opens the door for applications where the miniaturization is important.

  Flip chip technology requires removing the package of the integrated circuit as it assembles only the "DIE” of silicon.
  It reduces drastically the used space.
  Radically reduces the volume of the device.
  It reduces the distance of interconnection by a decrease of the package and size of devices.
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